Thursday, 17 May 2012

Travellers' site for Halvasso?

It would appear that Cornwall Council has made a mistake and this proposal has not been re-submitted, both the original applicant and the landowner were unaware of that it had reappeared on the Council's planning website before the article was printed in the West Briton.

From the West Briton

PLANS for a two-pitch Travellers' site may be back on the table at Halvasso.

Pre-application discussions have taken place with Cornwall Council planners about a site at Potter's Farm.

A previous application was submitted early last year but subsequently withdrawn.


  1. I am the owner of potters farm in Halvasso. Just to let everone know that there is no way I shall be selling any land to Mr Robinson or anyone else to allow travellers to pitch on my land at anytime. I have objected to the council and contacted the w. briton. Mr robinson denies reapplying but someone did.

  2. Mr Robinson was unaware that any application had been made until we alerted him to the West Briton article. It would appear there has been a mistake by Cornwall Council.