Thursday, 17 May 2012

Travellers' site for Halvasso?

It would appear that Cornwall Council has made a mistake and this proposal has not been re-submitted, both the original applicant and the landowner were unaware of that it had reappeared on the Council's planning website before the article was printed in the West Briton.

From the West Briton

PLANS for a two-pitch Travellers' site may be back on the table at Halvasso.

Pre-application discussions have taken place with Cornwall Council planners about a site at Potter's Farm.

A previous application was submitted early last year but subsequently withdrawn.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Luxulyan Parish Council loses as Gypsy site is agreed

From the Cornish Guardian

COUNCIL planning chiefs have granted permanent residence to a Gypsy site, despite objections.

Two mobile homes and two caravans can now be permanently sited on land at Carne Cross, near Trethurgy, following the decision by Cornwall Council's central sub area planning committee on Wednesday.

The site was granted temporary planning permission back in 2008 but the application for its permanent retention had angered Luxulyan Parish Council, within whose boundary it falls.

They argued that the site, in an "open countryside setting" was inappropriate and would set a precedent for further Gypsy sites nearby.

Councillor Jim Currie told the committee that he believed that Luxulyan Parish Council already had its "fair share" of Gypsy sites.

"I am concerned about the application, on behalf of Luxulyan Parish Council," he said.

"They have had more than their fair share. Has there been an equality impact assessment carried out? Where is the fairness?"

However, in a swift rebuttal, Councillor Steve Eva, vice-chairman of the council's planning committee, told Mr Currie: "If you want to talk about fairness talk to the people of St Dennis. They can have the Gypsy sites and Luxulyan can have the incinerator."

The discussion also angered Councillor John Fitter, who said: "Talking about quotas and people numbers; it's like were talking about some disease and I find that quite disturbing."

Luxulyan Parish Council also objected to the application on the grounds that it should not be approved while Cornwall Council is developing a strategy for future Gypsy sites.

Instead, the parish council was happy to support a further three-year extension of temporary permission.

However, Cornwall Council planning officers said the new strategy would not be able to identify many specific sites for Gypsies and Travellers and so other sites would be needed.

The committee, who were also told the Gyspy family currently living on the site was "well integrated into the local community", voted by 12 to 1 in favour of approving the application, on the condition that the site was tidied and suitable landscaping carried out.