Friday, 10 June 2011

Dale Farm House of Lords Debate

"My Lords, will my noble friend comment on the decision to spend £117,000 per family on eviction of these people from the Dale Farm site considering that there are no other sites in the county to which they could be directed? Does this policy not simply mean that another £18 million will have to be spent by local authorities down the line on evicting the same families from even less suitable locations, to say nothing of the downstream costs on health, education and the social costs arising from these evictions?"

 A - Z of the Dale Farm Struggle

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  1. Lord Avebury is a champion of the Gypsy Roma Traveller communities. He has worked hard to get people to listen to and help these wonderful people. I wish there were other people like him. I hate it when people judge others when they don't know them. Keep smiling and hoping that tomorrow one person will understand your plight and smile back at you.